Bee Hive & Honey Removal!

Bee Hive Removal and Honey Collection Video!

I this video, you will see that our technician actually collects live bees including an entire honeycomb oozing with honey inside a tupperware container. The tupperware is then placed in a fridge which will render the bees into a dormant mode. They can then safely be removed with a spatula leaving only the honeycomb and honey ready for comsumption! This is the freshest batch of honey you can have! Delicious!

Note: Notice while collecting the honey, a piece of honeycomb falls to the ground with nearly 50 bees on the ground and another 10 to 20 in the air flying around me! (The video does not catch the bees in the air over me and around me)




This is a picture of the honeycomb before we started the honey extraction, and bee removal.

In this video, the aftermath of the beehive removal and destruction of the hive are shown. Unfortunately, it’s state law in Florida to destroy the bees and completely destroy the hive due to the dangers of Africanized bees.